Fachwerk 30


The end of summer 2013 the Berlin based Fachwerk label clock up its 30th release. The EP features solo productions by all key members of the label family (boss Mike Dehnert and pals Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau) as well one collaborative effort that also features vocals from Sophia. Vocals are not something normally associated with the dub-wise techno label but listening to 'Fachwerk 30' you will see how well this crew have made them work within their usual concrete funk template. Above rugged, frayed synths and mutant, mutating melodies, Sophia's echoing, shadowy voice lurks and imbues the thing with an uneasy sense of paranoia as the machines gurgle all around. Elsewhere, Mike Dehnert turns in the hiccupping techno loops of 'FK' complete with searching wide screen and super grainy and grimy synths, whilst Roman Lindau's 'The Yeah Thing' is a cantering techno number with pinging kick drums and gallivanting metallic synths that melt your mind into a molten mess. Finally, Sascha Rydell's 'Palinka Girl' is a heads down groove runthrough with icy hi hat ringlets and a raw, chunky drum funk plus all the usual shadowy dub textures we have come to love from this most focussed and excellent label.


Mike Dehnert

Sascha Rydell

Roman Lindau



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